I Am…


Several years ago I was given the assignment of describing myself in fifteen words or less, beginning with the phrase “I am…”  Simple, right?  Over the course of the next several hours, which eventually led into days, I found myself searching for just the right words to describe who I am with both eloquence and succinctness.  With each considered response, I became increasingly aware of moving deeper and deeper within myself, until finally, I did come to that which I had been seeking—I am a keeper of the spark.

And it is true.  I have this image of myself as a very young child with a “pixie” haircut, dressed in overalls, climbing out of the deep, dark trenches of my mind.  I give my arms and legs a bit of a shake, shedding the cobwebs of the past, and immediately spot a beautiful yellow flower growing by the side of the road.  (Yes, it is a dandelion, but no matter, to my childlike eyes it is beautiful!)  During the most difficult times in my life, that little pixie has always been in the background of my psyche, making note of the fluffy marshmallow clouds floating across the morning sky or the moo cow munching its snack of bright green grass on a nearby slope.  Somehow, in spite of whatever might be going on, that ability to be open to the beauty of the moment is what would see me through.

And now, it is this creative spark that prompts me to share my journey with you, as evidenced through the artistic process.  My hope is that by sharing my experience with others, that tiny ember will grow brighter and stronger, shining light where there once was none.