The Experiment


Have you ever considered the number of adults who were told as children not to “color outside the lines?”  Well, I have and believe me, there are alot of us!  As you probably surmised, I was one of those children and you know what?  I grew up believing that I was not artistic and that my creativity had no real value.

I came across a newspaper article several years ago that detailed a local artist’s painting technique-this artist applied paint to her artboard using a spray bottle and then picked up the board with both hands so she could tip the paint back and forth in all directions, letting the colors spread and blend until she liked what she saw.  I can still remember saying to myself, “Well, shoot, I could do that!”  And while I might not have believed what I was reading, the article was accompanied by several beautiful paintings that she had created using this experimental technique.

And so that ‘s where I started.  Giving myself permission to, in essence, go back to kindergarten-back to a time when I could do no wrong-for just fifteen minutes each day or even each week, I began to experiment.  Almost immediately, I noticed that I had to drip the paint, pour the paint, or even spray the paint, because as soon as I picked up a paintbrush, the critic in my head would let me know in no uncertain terms, that I was not an artist and that I should put that paintbrush down!

In spite that inner critic of mine, I persisted and over the course of the next several years, my life was filled with the freedom of exploration as I created many, many messes in my kitchen.  (I didn’t and still don’t, have an art studio so my kitchen had to do.)  With experimentation, came the awareness that certain materials and techniques could be utilized to create a personal expression of beauty.  However, the true gift of this time in my life was that I reclaimed the curiosity I knew as a child, and in the process, discovered the natural artistic ability that I was born with-an ability that I believe, we all are born with.

So how about you?  Have you ever wanted to just express yourself freely with “no strings attached”?  Well, you can!  Simply collect a few supplies (paper, paint and water) and arrange an area to work.  Take a big breath and let yourself fall back in time.  Now go ahead and create simply for the joy of creating and maybe even making a mess!  Try it–you’ll like it!  I promise!


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